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The Nourished Woman

June 22 - 28, 2024

Enonkoski, Finland

(all inclusive)

Your Self-Love Revolution.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of stress, juggling work and chores, never having time to catch your breath…and now you’re seeking time away from it all, to pause, presence yourself, and find peace - we’ve got you.

There is a magical place in the world where heart-centered women meet up to just BE. Where mother nature brings you the transformation
into a NEW YOU.

Have you been looking for a sign to fall in love with yourself in the simplest yet deepest of ways?

This is your sign, guided by the spirit of Mother Earth. This is your invitation to join us on this journey to a place where Wild Warrioress Women join forces. 

Join us in Enonkoski, Finland this June 22nd - 28th

for The Nourished Woman Retreat: Your Self-Love Revolution

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how peaceful you would feel as you dip your toes into a crystal clear, cooling lake in the middle of a pine forest. The aroma of evergreens filling your lungs. You instantly feel connected to nature and her spirit. 

There’s more! You’ll get a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore an immersive sound journey, where nature tones carry you to a place of deep calm and inner harmony. Connecting you back to your inner beloved. The tunes are a creative extraction of nature’s frequency into sound and music, by a professional somatic educator-  a unique inner adventure.

connecting with Nordic nature


connecting with soul-sisters

how nourished you would feel to be surrounded by other women of Earth…who are present with you, and accept you just as you are. 

Together, we'll explore a blend of masculine and feminine tools, empowering one another to connect with our higher selves and awaken our inner wisdom.

Just as nature has her seasons, so does the feminine. We delve deeper into the sacred art of cycle-syncing in a very effortless way and gain nurturing insights that prioritize your well-being. Sharing the secrets of mindful eating, purposeful movement, and embrace a lifestyle that flows harmoniously with your true essence.

This week-long journey will organically unfold as we, women of Earth, gather in an Ecstatic Dance Journey. A journey of liberation, where your body responds to rhythm and music in an expression of pure joy. Shed inhibitions, let your spirit soar as you find deep self-expression and blissful release. No judgments, just pure bliss…the way Nature does it.

Meals made with Mindfulness

With every dish, you’re not just eating delicious food….you’re having a serene and peaceful experience.


Every dish is healthy, made with the finest locally sourced organic ingredients and from their very own garden- nourishing both your body and soul.


The kitchen is seasonal and combines the best of Nordic and Mediterranean flavours.

Feeling wild and adventurous?


Oh yes! You’ll learn how to forage wild herbs and fruits- the gift of Mother Nature. These foraged treasures, whether it’s juniper berries or wild rosemary, become a symbol of your connection to the earth and the untamed beauty of the northern skies. 

I deserve this.


Are you ready to explore how our retreat can nourish your soul?  Then we have the option for you to book a complimentary discovery call. Let's connect, delve into your aspirations, and chart a course toward the empowered and fulfilled you.

This retreat is for you if...


You are…

  • drained from family obligations and overwhelmed and stressed with work and the hustle culture

  • seeking more meaning in your life and know that you have a special mission here on earth

  • on the verge of a burn-out or have been on a burn-out and don’t want to experience it again

  • postponing your self-care time over and over again

  • feeling disconnected from yourself and your emotions

  • on a spiritual and warrioress journey and are seeking other heart-centered, intuitive and brave women to connect with


And you deeply desire…

  • to take back your power in your relationships, work and family life again, free from draining obligations

  • balancing your feminine and masculine energy in all areas of your life

  • to breathe and spend time freely in nature

  • to restore your health and have lots of energy and motivation to pursue your dreams in life

  • to feel connected to yourself again and being in tuned with your emotions and intuition

  • a supportive and loving community of heart-centered women on a similar spiritual and warrioress journey, never feeling alone​ in your weirdness!

  • to experience a DEEP sense of SELF-LOVE, CONFIDENCE and inner PEACE

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What you'll walk away with...

So what can you expect if you spend 7 incredible days replenishing your body, mind and soul AND enjoying yourself with other heart-centered women in the stunning serenity of Finland?

Well, what if  you got the DEEP inner peace and nourishment you needed to gain clarity on your life's direction and purpose through transformative practices and self-love rituals.

What if you finally reawaken your Wild Woman Energy, unleashing your untamed spirit, and embrace your inner Witch and Warrioress!

And what if you walked away with soul sisters who become a new part of your life. Forging deep connections with like-minded women, creating a supportive sisterhood that extends beyond the retreat.

And what if you got all of this AND gave back to Mother Nature at the same time by becoming empowered to make choices that align with eco-friendly principles, contributing to a sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

Would it be worth coming to Finland for?

Oh for sure, without a doubt!

We will make sure that BEFORE you even step foot on the plane, you’ll be given the chance to connect with the other incredible women that are joining our retreat. On top of that, we have prepared a pre-retreat-program to make sure that you are all prepared on a heart, mind, body and soul level. 

And to make sure you get the absolute MOST from this incredible experience, we will get together on a group call not only BEFORE but also AFTER the event to give you the time, space and connection for integrating and processing everything that is happening during your transformational journey.

It's time to invest in YOU.

Where you'll be staying...