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FREE: Higher Self Ebook

Set aside 24 hours of devotion to journey inwards, rediscover your inner power and nurture your potential. Emerge back into the world with inner peace, wisdom and a solid sense of purpose.

This 30 page guidebook offers journal prompts, meditation and recipes that will take you into a deeply healing adventure.

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This Ebook is your Guide to...

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Unconditional Self-Love

You'll discover the profound magic that begins with dedicating one full day entirely to yourself. This isn't just a fleeting moment but a deliberate and sacred act of self-devotion. As you immerse your heart in every activity, decision, and reflection on this day, the seeds of unconditional self-love are planted.

Embracing your Sexy Shadows

You'll learn to dance with your shadows, you'll discover a reservoir of strength and charisma within you. This ebook is an invitation to redefine and wield your unique, irresistible allure as a force for positive change in the world.

Nourishing your Body and Soul

You'll discover the harmonious balance between nourishing your body and feeding your soul. This ebook serves as a compass, guiding you to cultivate a relationship with food that is not only health-conscious but deeply rooted in an understanding of our interconnectedness with the earth.

Unlocking your Hidden Potentials

You'll practice infusing intention into your daily life, turning routine into ritual and aspiration into reality. Unveil the extraordinary within you and pave the way to manifesting your dreams, not as distant goals, but as tangible, everyday victories

What you'll get in the ebook:

  • 3 journal prompts for manifestation, ego-reflection and higher-self wisdom

  • 5 plant-based recipes for vitality, abundance, dreams and your wild soul

  • guided primordial breathwork meditation to connect you to Source

  • guided morning qi-gong to activate your meridians and energy flow

  • a guide to mirror work for deep transformation 

  • a reflection on gifts from your higher self

  • 30 pages total

About the Author

My name is Tanhathai Kanjanasoon (Tan)

I wrote the ebook A Day with your Higher Self as a gift for every woman who at some point in her life, has forgotten herself. 

I am currently taking many days for my Higher Self. These serene, simple and still days allow me to emerge back into the world with a bigger perspective of life and love. 

Creating safe and sensual containers like this for myself is something I've come to cherish more than anything else. It allows all of us powerful women, to gain the strength to continue on our mission in life. And maybe make these devotional days a mission as well. 



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