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This is Your Revolution

Inside you lies a Peaceful Warrioress, and her awakening is here.


The Peaceful Warrioress is a lifestyle, a movement, a revolution.


You know deep in your soul that you were born to change the world in a radical way- nurturing change at its roots, not merely trimming the leaves; it's about cultivating a profound shift that permeates every layer of existence, fostering sustainable and lasting impact.

That change starts within.


It starts with your personal healing journey, the journey of unbecoming who you were conditioned to be.


And rise like a phoenix- from ashes to gold.

Come back to the silence within- where all the answers you're seeking can be found

I'm Tan, Embodied Transformation Coach, Astrologer, Witch and Peaceful Warrioress. 

I guide you from my heart-space. If you're here with me, you'll get to discover your inner truth from a place of confidence and empowerment. 

There are no answers you need outside of you. All you have to do is trust in yourself. Trust in the universe. And surrender as the magic unfolds.

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FREE: A Day with your Higher Self Ebook

Set aside 24 hours of devotion to journey inwards, rediscover your inner power and nurture your potential. Emerge back into the world with inner peace, wisdom and a solid sense of purpose.

This 30 page guidebook offers journal prompts, meditation and recipes that will take you into a deeply healing adventure.

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